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April 15, 2011

A New Apron for Van (tester)

I was signed up to test an apron pattern for a lady on my DSD board. I love the way this turned out.

I wasn't to sure about it when I started, I used some fabric that I had purchased from the thrift store (for real cheap). But it was kind of boring, so I added a little flair! :)

The overall apron. I added the tag (which says Totally Handmade) b/c it looked a bit off since the snapped part that goes around DS neck overlapped but the other strap didn't overlap the fabric. I think it really balances the apron out well!

A Close up of the top Applique.

But it's not your normal applique, it's actually a pocket!

And my little model! He loves the frog!

This was a really easy pattern to put together...you should see the girly one that is going a long with this!!! I'll share it when the pattern comes out for sale!!!

Thanks for looking!

Oh and by the way do you remmeber the Rockin' the Reglan Shirt I made for my Van-man? I posted about it here. Well Bonnie over at Fish Sticks and Fries has now released the Rockin' the Raglan Tee pattern along with her Lazy Days Lounge Set (another very cute pattern)! Go have a peak! While you're over there check out her other patterns. I posted about her Little One Layette Pattern here.

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