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April 13, 2011

2 More Book Reivews

Another Dawn - Kathryn Cushman

Grace Graham a single mother of a little boy struggled with having to go home and care for her dad. The dad whom she hasn’t really ever had a relationship with. The dad that cut her off many years ago. But after surgery he is in need of help and her sister just isn’t able to do.
So Grace heads home little did she know that the choices she made a few years ago would cause so many heart ache and problems.

This book was not what I expected at all. Cushman did a great job with her characters and setting. I however was not a huge fan of the story line. Maybe I thought it was a little to controversial for sit down and fun read. While I didn’t dislike the book, I just have heard arguments way to often on the vaccination issue which maybe has gotten me a overwhelmed with the whole debate. I was disappointed by how little God was mentioned in the book and who God really was. They did mention going to church a few times, but I would of like to hear the book expound more on who God is and what he meant to Grace in her life.

I would be willing to read another book by Cushman, but I probably wouldn’t recommend this one to anyone.

I received a free copy of this book for the purpose to reviewing from Bethany House Publishing Company.

Paradise Valley - Dale Cramer

I have read a lot of Amish historical fiction books and many times they seem to all be the same. This was however not the case. I thought the story line a good story line. I liked the fact that the 5 Amish men stood up for what they believed was right even when they knew it would cost them.

I thought it interesting how he portrayed the Weaver family looking into their new beginnings in Mexico and the way they saw people and the country side. How it must of felt to move where no one understand you and you knew no one.

I thought over all the author did a good job with this book and would read more from him!

I received a free copy of this book courtesy Bethany House Publishing Company for the purpose of reviewing.

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