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May 9, 2011

Kid's Clothes Week Challenge - May 9-15

I have seen Kids Clothes Week Challenge for a couple of years but never partcipated, well I've decided to give it a try this year (although I'm not so sure how well I will do with everything else going on). ;)

The Goal for kcwc:
Work on making clothes for kids one hour each day for a week.

This doesn't mean you have to sew the whole time, you can cut out your patterns , knit, crochet,  anything pertaining to sewing counts. I'm sure I will spend a good amount of time using my seam ripper and it seems we are close friends these day! ;)

You can see more info here: http://www.elsiemarley.com/kids-clothes-week-challenge-faq.html

Oh and it starts today!!!  

So get your sewing stuff ready and start washing, ironing, tracing, cutting, sewing, seam ripping, crocheting, knitting....anything pertaining to making kids clothes! 

I plan on coming back to this post each day and logging what I did for that day:  

 Monday: made a pattern from a pair of shorts Van already had, sewed up the pair of shorts from a shirt daddy has had since he was 14 year old (and yes he's 28 now). Washed up some tshirts to make into summer shirts and shorts for Van. Made my list of things I needed to get sewn or cut out this week to start wit summer sewing for Annika, Van, and new baby girl joining our family at the beginning of August.

Tuesday: Today I edited the pattern I made for Van's shorts yesterday (I think I might have to do it yet again), good thing I'm not a pattern maker. ;) I might give it another try tomorrow. I need a break from the shorts! Okay so I couldn't leave the pattern thing alone...lol. I sewed up another pair of shorts for Van looks like they might work!! :)

Wednesday: Today I've tried drafting a pants pattern for Van (I give up). I found one to print, but it's to big. We'll just leave it at that. I am now working on some cotton big butt baby pants for the new bean due in August. I used a pattern found here for free. I also may cut out a Rockin' the Reglan Tee found here out of some old shirts for Van (he needs some outside shirts), if I have time. I've pretty much used up my whole hour for today. Wednesday tend to be busy as we have church and the youth group meets in my house so I need to make sure the house is clean. We also have story time at the library which we don't care to miss since it's the one day of the week we for sure get out of the house (and out of Sunrise). ;)

UPATE: I did finish my week up strong (I however missed Saturday as we had a teen activity and I needed to get the house clean for it, but I did more than 1 hour most days that I did sew so I'm counting that as my Saturday! ;)

I can't finish writing exactly what I got done b/c I can't remember (blaming it on the pregnancy brain)! :)

But I did finish out strong!

I didn't get much sewing in besides what I wrote at the beginning of the week, but got a lot of patterns traced and cut out!

I am thankful for the challenge as I got a lot accomplished and even tried some new things (even though it didn't pan out). :)

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