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June 7, 2011

Tester Dress Pattern

I was able to cross a couple of things off my "to do" list! I'm moving kind of slow. I was able to get some stuff in the house packed up last week. You see we are moving sometime before baby comes (hopefully) we're just not sure when. Yes this does drive me a bit crazy as I really don't have anything ready for this little girl come.

On to sewing!!!

I was one of the lucky few to test a new dress pattern for a friend and I have to say we LOVE this dress. It's adorable! Even my non-dress wearing 4 year old LOVES it!!

I CANNOT wait until the pattern comes out!

My little model: I told her to stand and smile and this is what I got! ;) 


Because I was just testing a pattern I used some cheaper fabric that I had hanging around (this is $1 yard fabric from Walmart). If you look close my stitching isn't the greatest also (I don't think I would have her wear this one out of the house). I will definitely be making her another one with this fabric as I LOVE the color of it. I also plan on making it a bit longer (the one in this picture was not hemmed). But again I LOVE this pattern. 

You can see other patterns created by this seamstress here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BirdifulStitches

She has a whole bunch of different patterns ranging from tops and dresses for little girls, to camera bag accessories, to ireader covers and purses....go check it out!

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