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June 24, 2011

Recent Sewing....

Ready for this.....I've been sewing up a storm lately! Mostly stuff for the new little girl on the way!

First up a shirt: Using my Little Layette Pattern found at Fishsticks Design:
I believe this s a size 0-3 months!


Some bibs for the Van-man: Poor guy for almost 2 years now (he turns two on Sunday) has been wearing his sister's cast offs...so we said "good-bye" to the purple "Diva" bib and "hello" to 2 new airplane bibs!


That's all I have for now, but come back because I have an assortment of things from another pattern! 3 different looks from one GREAT pattern!

In the pass couple of weeks months, I've been able to test some more stuff:
Like these Gaucho pants for Miss A!



I also made Van some shorts for this summer to wear outside to play in. Poor guy didn't have any summer shorts (than I pulled out his 12 month size ones from last year and realized he still fits in them).We made these because he needed some shorts he could wear to the land (house) when he's "helping" daddy build (I'll update more about the house another time). The legs aren't really that uneven, just not a great picture!


This pair is made out of an old shirt from daddy! Daddy has had this shirt since he was a freshmen (or sophomore) in high school! Yes daddy is turning 29 this year! I told him it was finally time to give it up! I have since added length to them (so they didn't pull so much in the diaper area), and pockets, but now they are too big. Maybe he'll fit into them next year (they are to long).


Well that's all I have for now! Thanks for letting me share!

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