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March 18, 2011

Book Review: Plain Proposal - By Beth Wiseman

Plain Proposal
By Beth Wiseman

Saul was keeping a secret, one that if let out may possibly tear his family apart for a long time. Burden not long ago with the loss of his mother and dear sister this is something he doesn’t not want to happen. But Saul also has big dreams, dreams of living in the world and doing something he loves to do. How is he going to accomplish both of these goals at once??

Rumor has it that Saul plans on leaving the Amish community. Miriam has loved Saul for years! She has vowed to follow him anywhere. Even if it meant leaving her Amish community, family and all she’s ever known to a world where she’s never been.

I was a bit learly of reviewing another Amish book. So often these books are kind of the same. The battle between young love to see if they would leave the Amish faith or continue to stay in it. I am however glad I picked up this book because it’s outcome was something I had not seen coming. However, the one thing I would of liked to have seen is more about their faith (Miriam’s faith is shared a bit about how her parents raised her and that she was strong and could live anywhere and still trust her faith), but we never got to what she really believed.

Beth Wiseman did a good job of sharing her characters with us. While part of the book was a bit predictable (as I said above I think most Amish historical fiction books are). Overall I enjoyed the book, it was a good read on a cold day.

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing (through BookSneeze) for the purpose of reviewing.

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