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March 15, 2011

Van "Performs" ;)

I put this in the wrong spot (it was suppose to be on our family blog, it will go there also)...but I'll keep it here! :)


Donovan took a short nap today (only about 1.5 hours). I'm not sure he was feeling all that great when I put him down tonight. But he had a good afternoon (he actually slept less than his sister...which is saying a lot b/c she's not a big napper, but she's just getting over being sick...the good ole' MN crud...as called by many people near us).

But I was able to take a few videos of him and the things he has learned:

First up is a video of him counting. We are thinking he learned to count from Annika for two main reasons.
1) I know personally I have not worked with him all that much, and...
2) He skips the number 12 when he counts...so does his sister! :)

Next ups is a video of him singing the ABC's (w/ help). But he does a pretty good job! :)

He also loves the Tupperware shape ball.

He's been able to put the shapes in these for a bit now. I love to watch him (and Annika) learn new things. He's definitely learning a lot! Now if we could just get him to tell me he has to go potty BEFORE he goes! ;) But he's still little still! :)

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