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July 27, 2010

Crafting of a different sort!

Last week we had our Vacation Bible School Week. It's one of the busy times for P.D. and myself. Although it's a lot of work it is also a blessing!

Usually P.D. is around to help me coordinate stuff for the decorations. Well this year he took the a couple of teens to Northland International University for teen camp, so he was gone the week before VBS. This meant that I was in charge of doing working all the decorations, and taking care of the kiddos for a week on my own, and I ended up getting the worse sinus infection I have had in a long time (about 2 years).

I was able to get A LOT of help from some wonderful ladies in my church and also was able to recruit the help of some VERY hard working teen girls!!

The Theme was "Egypt Files: Decoding the Mystery of the Gospel" From Answers in Genesis.

Here's what we ended up with! Crafting of a different kind which included more paper and LOTS of paint!!

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