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July 30, 2010

Beautiful Bonnet and Matching Skirt

Between VBS, 2 kiddos on my own, a sinus infection, laundry, general house cleanliness, and company I haven't had much time to sew. I had a few minutes to myself the other day to sew. I put Van down for a nap and Miss A was outside to play, a great time to sew! Well it was short lived as Van woke up and Miss A was ready to come in. So yesterday evening P.D. came home from a very busy day (I'll share more about that another time), and told me he was going to send Miss. A out to play with some friends outside and he would watch Van so I could do some sewing (one of the biggest breaks I've gotten in the last couple of weeks), I was VERY excited!! I had just purchased the Beautiful Bonnet pattern last week (I know the lady from a forum I go on). I was a bit skeptical about what it would look like on my 3 year old. But I have to say when it was all said and done I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. it!!!! I think it's adorable and I like the more "modern" look to it.

so now I have this great looking bonnet but what would she wear with it?!?! I whipped up this sassy skirt to go with it! Rather easy to make (just a basic skirt with an elastic waist band).

And I have to say I also LOVE Miss A in the color red!

I even used my "new" serger to sew up the skirt! Best $25 I have ever invested in! It made the skirt come together quickly and made it look finished!

The close up (to see the fabric)

You can see the inside fabric 
Note: this is a reversible bonnet, but mine won't be reversible this first time  *insert wink here*

And because she's cute and enjoys riding her scooter (which by the way matches)!

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Ruth said...

Adorable bonnet, skirt, and little girl! Nice sewing.


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