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May 5, 2010

Then Life Happened...

Life....that's the reason I haven't posted lately. I have a few minutes now as Van is down for a nap (kind of unusual) and Miss A is sleeping (it was a late night I think she got in bed at 11 pm). I have TONS to share, from skirts I made for myself (although I think I want to remake a few of them as soon as I can find zippers), skirts for Annika, and I'm almost done with this outfit...I have yet to do the ruffles on the capris.

However yesterday I was going to try and sit for a bit and do some sewing, I even got up early to do some laundry (Tuesdays are my laundry days). I put my first load in at 7 am than the kiddos got up and we did our usual morning routine and I finally got down at 8:46 am to change it over and found that my laundry/bathroom down stairs had an inch of water all over the floor (that's not suppose to be there)! I than went into my bedroom and noticed that yep...the water had leaked into my closet and almost all the way over to my bed (luckily the laundry room is tile, however my bedroom is carpeted). So off to find a dry/wet vac and vacuum out my room and the inch of water in the laundry. The day ended with the Sewer guys coming and emptying our tank (now mind you we have lived in the parsonage for 5 years, I don't know anything about sewers but we hadn't had it cleaned since we lived there and I don't know if it has ever been cleaned)! YUCK....it stunk (literally)! :)
Oh and I forgot to add it took almost a good 1.5-2 hours to find the man whole to the septic system...needless to say we couldn't see the cap and no one could remember where it was (parsonage was built in the 80's).

Enough about that, than after we got all that figured out we had to head out to a softball game (I play catcher for our church softball team)...that ended well as we won 11 - 7 (something like that).

I did however get a new "toy"!!!! Check this out!! I'm soo excited!!

I got it from a lady whose father got it from an auction, she purchased a pedal for it for $25 and she sold it to me for $25!! I've been looking for one and planned on spending about $200 (that I had saved up) for it. Now I have one for an 8th of the price and have money left over for fabric?!?!? It's a BabyLock BL400. It however didn't come with a manual, but alas I found one the same day and ordered it so I'm waiting for it to come in the mail!

Well I'm off...today is story time at the library and that's our one venture out of the house during the week since we live 15 minutes from town. :)  Hope you enjoy your day!

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