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May 19, 2009

Baby Carrier- Podeagi

So I decided to try sewing another baby carrier. This time I tried a different carrier using this tutorial. It's called a Podeagi (can you pronounce that?!?! I can't)! :)

I had some fabric left over from the previous and decided to use more of that up.

It was VERY easy to sew! It did get a little monotonous sewing the strap (which is about 180 inches long). But well worth it. Now I just need to wait until the baby comes to try it out. I tried it on with A's stuffed monkey, but it didn't work to well (the monkey is pretty squishy and my stomach doesn't help much either). :)

Close up of the fabric: (sorry the picture is kind of blurry)

The carrier itself:

I have been sewing a lot lately: I have sewed matching skirt and shorts for A and the New Baby and also had got some help from my neighbor lady in helping me turn a regular skirt into a maternity skirt.

My next sewing project: I would like to use the same material from above (I have a soft spot in my heart for paisley) to make a new diaper bag from this tutorial.

Stay tuned we'll see how long it takes and if I do it. :)

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