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April 14, 2009

Outfit for A and baby!

I was able to sew some new outfits yesterday (not sure if I'll use them for clothes or pjs they're a bit bold). :)

I've had the fabric for quite awhile (I got it for curtains I was asked to make for the daycare but the lady decided she didn't want them. So I made them into a couple of outfits for A and the new baby boy coming in June.

Baby Boy (the legs are different lengths its just the picture)


Cindy said...

Casey...I love the matching outfits. That is kind of the idea I had for our little boy as well. I am going to make some diaper covers and then add some embroidery to a onesie to match. Yours is adorable!!! Great job!!! And I love the little peasant dress. I found when making peasant tops and dresses to put the garment on the child and check the fit of the elastic before I sew the final holes closed. Otherwise....the elastic called for is always too big for my girls. Just a thought for you if you had any problems with the elastic. Take care!!!

Casey said...

Cindy- Thanks for the elastic tip!!! I never would of thought of that!!!


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