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April 25, 2009

Itty Bitty Baby Things and Garage Sale Score!

WOW...it's quiet here....all I hear is the dripping of the dishwasher (it's done running). David has A at the church with him setting up some stuff for a meeting he has tonight and I got a lot accomplished! Including some time to post on my somewhat neglected blog!

I have been pretty busy as I've been cleaning my house (which seems constantly) and helping at my friends daycare (which I will be doing for the next week and possibly the week after that). But I have got some sewing in!!

First up:
Cloth Diapers for the new baby boy coming our way in just 2 short months (I can't believe it's coming this fast).
David and I both love sports and we both play softball for our church. I'm not playing this year for obvious reasons...it's hard to run bases at 7 months pregnant. ;)

We plan on taking a pictures of this little man in David's softball glove and I wanted a diaper to match and found this cute baseball material for cheap and I had enough left over to make a couple of bibs!
Close up of Fabric and diaper: It's amazing how small NB dipes are compared to A's Large ones.Next up:
A pair of pants and matching hat!
Close up of fabric (because it's really cute):
And my garage sale score! I got a yard of both of these fabrics for 50 cents each!!!! They are the REALLY nice fleece from JoAnn fabric..the thinner stuff (that doesn't pill or look really bad when you wash it....do you know what I'm talking about?!?).

So now I have it...I need some cute ideas to make with it!!

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