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May 13, 2009

Baby's Room....almost finished!!

We got some new-to-us furniture for the baby's room. With Annika it was stuff that I painted white. The crib was broken (the railing wouldn't stay up). A couple from our church graciously gave us this crib and changing table! What a blessing it is!! It has TONS of storage (even the crib has a large drawer underneath it) and we were able to move the dresser from this room into Annika's "big girl room" (which I will post pictures of soon...hopefully...if I can keep it clean for more than 10 minutes). :)

I also made slip covers to go over the chair cushions in the corner (this was a chair we got for free when we first got married). The fabric matches the bedding and wall hanger (that I made Annika when she was a baby).

My favorite part of this room is that it's not overly cluttered (yet). I still need to take down the stuff on the shelf (since it's Annika's) and figure out something to put up there.

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