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September 24, 2008

Home & Finished a Goal

We made it home!
You may ask yourself why the picture of the cellphone.

We realized last night how much we really appreciate our cellphone. Not only b/c it makes calls in times of distress but also because it works great for a flashlight! After driving 5 hours in the car we were about 15 minutes from our house and we got a flat tire. We had to pull everything out of the trunk to get out the spare and the jack. It was 10:45 pm and raining! We got everything ready and long and behold we didn't have a flashlight. However, we learned quickly that the cellphone makes a great flashlight. So in the rain and lit by the back light of my phone David was able to change the tire. When we got home we walked in the door and realized that the power was out. Sooo out came the cellphone again (the flashlight was not put back where it was suppose to be) we were able to find a lighter and light candles...all in all it was a busy and creative night.

Enough about the trip home, how about some projects?!? Well today after unpacking the car this morning and putting things away. I was able to finish 2 very much needed diapers. I made these out of a couple of old shirts of mine. I'm happy with the way they turned out and I am doubly happy because they have a great stretch to them!!! Hopefully they will fit for a bit longer. If any of you are in dire need of wanting to sew diapers you know where to find me! :) I am in need of some larger ones!

Have a great day!

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