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September 25, 2008

It's Finished!! **UPDATED**

Remember that fabric I shared with you all early this month this one?!? A's fall jumper is done! I finished my first sewing project from a pattern (okay I have made a few pairs of pants and other simple things) this was by far the hardest thing I have sewn. Now that I know how to do I know I would do much better the second time around. It's a bit big (she will probably be able to wear it next fall also). But A will for sure wear this jumper! The front looks GREAT the back....well it's not the greatest but it's my first and I'm happy with it. I had to take it apart numerous times!

I used the Simplicity easy-to-sew pattern # 5936

And a cute action shot:

I learned in this project:
  • to better sew a zipper
  • to be careful about lining peices up (less they have to be taken apart at least a million times)
  • to better use bias tape
  • to do pleats
  • to do arm wholes (and not be intimidated
I will for sure try this jumper again (maybe not right away as I have other goals to complete).

**UPDATE** I'm going to update my post! I was a bit bothered by the back of the jumper (the seam that matches the top to the bottom) it didn't match up all that well and while I would of had her wear it anyways I realized that it bothered me more than I thought so I did a little fixing (or adding). I love making these fabric flowers (they are easy and look nice added to any garment). I have even made them for A's hair. The tutorial for this fabric flower can be seen on Cindy's Blog Sew Blessed (a blog I read often and enjoy)! I check quite often!

The finished front:

My next goal maybe to finish A's quilt for her big girl bed. All I have left to do is the a few more squares and put it together and machine quilt it. I'm hoping to get it done soon...maybe I'm thinking my sewing machine is getting a bit rusty it may need a good tune up...of course do you "tune up" a machine that cost $70, 3 years ago?!? I have to say for as cheap as it was I love it and it has even let me learn how to sew and has seen many projects!! :)

So either look for A's finished quilt -or- I am going to learn to crochet one of these days!!

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Cindy said...

I love the creative touches that make the jumper uniquely yours!!! It is precious!!! I think you did a great job on it and you should be proud of yourself. I learn something new with each item I make.

Enjoy the fact that your machine was reasonably priced...that is not a bad thing. I always say I would be happy with pretty much any machine that would generate a decent straight and zig zag stitch...everything else is purely extra!!!

Can't wait to see your next project!!!


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