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August 5, 2008

White dress pink polka dots

Yep that's the dress I'm working on. Only one problem.....bias tape!! I have no idea how to use it! I will seek help from one of my sewing neighbors to teach me.

This is the pattern I'm using to make A a dress for my sister's wedding. I wanted to try making it before I acually used satin. It won't be the exact style but close...the style I am using I think will be easier b/c no bias tape...but I figured I'd have to learn sooner or later. :)

It's a very cute pattern and VERY easy to sew! I thought I'd make it in a bigger size just in case well it's very large and will not fit Annika for a long while.

To finish it off I need to do bias tape, zipper, ribbon around the waist and hem the skirt. Not to much (except of course the bias tape).

1 comment:

Natalie Jane said...

Hum...guess I didn't win :(

But hey! If you ever want to trade some of your (adorable) product for some handmade jewelry, let me know! We could get a little Christmas shopping done early!


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