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August 12, 2008

Increase Fabric Stash

Yesterday I went to see my husband's aunt and uncle and they had a neighbor lady that was getting put into an assisted living home. She had a seamstress shop. The children of this lady were cleaning up her shop (boy do they have a job infront of them). They offered me first dibbs to go in and take a look at all the fabric she had. She must of had over 1,000 yards of fabric. I went and picked an arm load of fabric (including fleece, eyelit, cotton, and flannel). The great thing about it is that I got it all for just $10 (about 20 yards of fabric). I so wish I had more time to look and more money to buy because there was a lot and it was cheap!

So now I need your help....what do I make with all the flannel? Some cloth diapers of course! But I have LOTS

What do I make with all the fleece??

What do I make with all the eyelit?? I'm going to make a pillow case dress for A. But I have a lot....any suggestions would be great.

I however cannot add pictures at this point because we have seemed to misplace our camera...(go figure when I need it the most)! :)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

You need to learn to quilt...I adore the ones my mother-in-law makes out of flannel.

You could make summer curtains out of the eyelet....it looks so breezy and cool.

Have fun! :-)


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