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July 28, 2008

Zag Bag Designs

A bit ago I wrote a product review for Zag Bag. I got my bag right before I left on vacation. I have been meaning to write up more about my bag, but have not had the time (my month is finally starting to slow down). :) Well here is my write up. I LOVE this bag. I do not carry purses but this bag makes a PERFECT diaper bag. It's stylish (remember you choose the fabrics with each bag). For this particular bag I got to choose the bottom fabric, the top fabric, the inner fabric and the handles. I am very happy with how my bag turned out. One reason it makes a great diaper bag is that it is big. I can fit 5 disposable diapers and 3 cloth diapers (w/ covers), a cup, Desitin, a baggy of treats, my wallet, baby tylenol and much more. It has many pockets and I can stay organized (not that I actually do...but I do try). Here are a few pictures. You'll have to go over and check out their site when you have a chance!

The Outside:
Check out all those pockets!

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