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July 30, 2008


Another favorite hobby of mine is taking photos (a fairly new hobby). Sometimes I wish a had a better "subject" as mine doesn't sit still long enough. However the other day I was able to get outside and have a "mini" photoshoot with A. I am please with how many of the shots turned out and even more pleased with what they looked like after I had a chance to edit them.

Here are a few shots that I have gotten from her. I plan to have these printed in 8x10 and hang them in her room when we move her to a big girl bed.

Do you like photography? What are some tips you can give to a newbie?? Feel free to leave any tips and suggestions!!



Kellie H said...

Oh annika is so darling! Love yuor photos =)

Sarah said...

Those pictures are so sweet!! What a beautiful way to decorate her room.

Did you see my comment about wanting to interview you? I am starting to do interviews with stay-at-home moms who have businesses. And you will be one of the first! I will try to email you soon.


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