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April 28, 2008

Zag Bag Designs

So I went to a Party on Friday Evening (you know one of those parties that is similar to Pampered Chef, Stampin' Up, or Creative Memories). This one was unique though it was for hand bags. It was called Zag Bag you can check out their website here. It was really a neat party. When I got there I walked into the lady's house and there was a table set up with numerous different bags and another two tables set up with fabric swatches and trim samples. The key to this party was that you looked through the bags and picked a style that you like. Then depending on the bag you picked the fabric from their swatches layed out on the table to decorate you bag. It was really kind of neat. They would then send your information to Missouri (where the company originated) if I am correct in saying that they employ 11 people (who cut out the fabric patterns and get things together) and send the sewing to contractors.

There were 2 little girls there (the hostess's nieces) the hostess let the little girls pick out their own bags and that was their birthday gift it was such a neat idea. They loved picking out their own fabric (the bags they had made had 5 different fabrics to choose from).

I also picked out what I wanted for bag (now remember I am not a purse person, I can count the number of times I carried a purse on two hands) but I figured you got to start someplace and this is a bag (not a purse). :) Well, I picked out a bigger bag, one that I could also put everything a 14 month could possibly need inside of it. I was able to choose 3 fabrics for my bag and it will have 5 pockets in the inside! I'm not sure how long it takes to get it back, but when I do I will post a picture of it.

Make sure you check out their website at: www.zagbag.com

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