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July 17, 2008

VBS Week

Well, I mentioned earlier that we had our Vacation Bible School this week. The theme was DINO DETECTIVE: DIGGING FOR GOD'S TRUTH. Our VBS is quite unique as we run an All Family VBS. There is an opening with everyone together, then when the kids split up for their classes (by school grade) the adults stay in with our senior pastor, and then everyone meets again for the closing (David does a magic trick and shares the Gospel) and sing some silly songs, adds up the points and then we all go and eat cookies and everyone leaves when they want. It has been a tremendous outreach for our church as we have seen many families come to know the Lord (last year a husband was saved and throughout the year his son also. David was able to baptize the couple this past spring. What a blessing that was)!

I just thought I'd share some of it with you. I know this doesn't really fall into the same category of crafts that I share on here, but here is a slide show of some of the decorations that I painted (along with the teen girls) and the decoration we borrowed from people in the church. The set-up took me 6 hours on the Saturday before VBS started and all the painting and outlining took me about 4-5 hours with the teen girls and another 10 hours on the Friday before VBS.

All in all it was a GREAT week. Our highest total of kids was 67 on Tuesday Evening. We were able to raise over $1,560 for our missionaries (this was done with pennies). We have what is called a penny offering. Kids bring in their dollar bills and they can exchange them for penny rolls then they have a race to see who can collect the offering the fastest (girls against boys) we use 5 gal buckets for this since the buckets can weigh up to 100-120 lbs each (not a joke)!

We are both exhausted but it was a good week! I wish I had the chance to take a few more pictures, but I just didn't have the time.

I also have to say what a blessing it is to go to a church that the people are sooo willing and able to help with things. We can't thank many of the people in our church enough for the help that they gave us this week for VBS.

*note: I apologize for any gramatical and spelling errors as it is 11:40 at night and my brain is fried from the VBS carnival and everything we had to do to get it ready for tonight.*

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