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July 16, 2008

Perfectly Named

My daughter's name is Annika (I refer to her on here as "A") with a name like hers I have trouble finding personalized name items (i.e. cups, toothbrushes, magnets, the little license plates for your bikes) you know all those little trinkets that your kids love because their names are on them. Well Annika is not a common name so no small trinkets for us. That is one reason why I started my personalized name plaque business. Someone made me one of these for my daughter when she was born and I fell in love with it and have since opened my own home-bases business called Perfectly Named.

Here is just one example of a plaque that I have made:

(more examples can be seen at the upper right hand of this blog)

You choose from 4 frame option, 13 background color options and the name you would like on it (either a last name or a first and middle name). Each plaque is hand-stamped and cost only $29.99 (that includes shipping and handling). If you would like to combine shipping for two or more plaques you can contact me through my website at Perfectly Named.

The plaques are perfect for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. These make great gifts to commemorate someone special in your life.

Feel free to browse my website at:


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