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May 22, 2008

New Project

I couldn't wait until Saturday to share this, so I'm going to share it now (good thing this is my blog and I can do what I want). :)

I am a HUGE fan of garage sales...I love them! Last week I went to one and this guy had tables and tables full of clothes (all new with the tags), I found some really cute skirts that I like (for A) the only problem was that they didn't have them in her size (they were 5/6 and 7/8). So I decided I would buy one...of each color and try to make them smaller...for $1 each might as well give it a try.

Well I messed with one Saturday Night and it turned out pretty cute. I put it on her for Sunday and got lots of compliments on it.

This is a picture of all the skirts I got (I had already made the brown and pink one smaller the other two are the original size).

Here's a couple of actions shots...I could not get her to sit still unless I gave her the kleenex box. A is obsessed right now with "blowing" her nose (as seen in the last picture).
Oh and I made a hair bow to match with some of the left over material.


Teresa said...

I'm just about ready to head out to some garage sales myself. It's a little rainy here but not a big deal.

Your sewing projects look great. Kind of inspire me to get back at my projects.

The Logans said...

You are such a good mom and wife! I just stumbled upon your site. How cute, you are so domestic too!!!


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