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January 10, 2008

Lost...but found...

I seem to have lost my camera cord over Christmas, but I was able to find another that works. So I have pictures again!!

Annika with her new walking toy (she really doesn't walk with it...she pushes it around while on her knees). :o)

This is the sight I see when I come up the stairs from doing laundry. Yes, both sit like that on a regular basis!

Check out the thighs on these babies! :o) Annika and her friend, Timmy. Timmy is 2 months younger than Annika.

Just because I thought this one was cute!

Mom, is she not like me or what?!?! Mac-n-Cheese! For those of you who do not know...I am an avid Mac-n-cheese fan. I ate this growing up ALL the time...it wasn't unusual for me to eat it everyday and sometimes twice a day (that's two boxes...I would of never warmed it up...YUCK!). To this day my favorite food is still Mac-n-cheese. Although I don't eat it quite as much, however it's not unusual for me to have it at least twice a week! Just starting her while she is young!

Hope you enjoy. I have a video of her also I will try and post another time.

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