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January 8, 2008

Lost cord...no pictures

Okay, so I'm really bummed I have lost my cord to hook my camera up to my computer so I cannot download any adorable pictures of my baby love. I have been working on a ton of projects lately. I just finished knitting Annika a hat and 2 hats for 2 little boys (they are matching) in our church (the boys are about 2 months younger than Annika). I started making Annika some hair bows...this is way too much fun. I also made her a hair ribbon/bow/clip holder (still in progress, just got to buy wood letters to spell her name. I learned some new stitches on my knifty knitter so I might try and knit her a shawl. I have a hat I need to make as a thank you for someone. All this stuff to do and so little time!

Well, I think I'll close this up. Have a great evening!

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