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January 16, 2008

Annika's *CD Stash...

Well I know officially have a cloth diaper "stash" photo. I have been wanting to take one of these for awhile. Now I'm going to share it with all who care! :o)

In the back row:
First Basket- my all in ones (aio) for those of you who do not know these are the diapers that you do not have to use covers with (hence the all in one). I found these on craigslist (also sold brand new at Walmart.com called Kushies).

Second Basket- These are fitted diapers made by me. These are the diapers you have to use covers with.

Third Basket-These are also fitted diapers came in the stash that I purchased off of craigslist (from walmart.com)

Second Roll: (from left to right)

Covers-these are used to go over the fitted diapers (these are some *wahm brand covers)

More Kushies (brand new in package purchased from Walmart.com)

Basket: more covers these are mixture of Dappis and the Gerber vinyl pants your purchase at walmart (I didn't think I would use these as much as I do).

In the very front row are my prefolds (these are the ones our grandparents use to use on our parents) but instead of diaper pins you see those two contraptions...they are called snappies (they come in assorted colors I have yellow and white) they are way faster and easier than pins (so I am told, I have not tried prefolds yet. I was told that they are great to use on newborns but not so great on older infants and toddlers because they tend to squirm a lot more).

CD=cloth diaper
wahm=work at home mom

Thanks for taking the time to check out my stash!!!

Here's a link to a page that maybe helpful in explaining the different types of cd.


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charlie&gracie said...

Love your stash!! Thanks for linking green kiddos! I really appreciate it!


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