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March 24, 2014

It's been a long time!! That sweet little girl in my last post is 2.5 years old, and she's a big sister.

After she was born life went crazy busy. 2 weeks after she was born we moved into a house which we built while I was pregnant (yes we built....most of it on our own). Also PD (aka daddy) switched roles from associate pastor to lead pastor.

But said house is the reason for my lack of blogging. You see we live in the middle of nowhere and we can't get the internet on the road we live on (as in there is no lines). All we can get is satellite but it's crazy expensive and real slow where we are at. Now for internet I use my iPhone until just recently when we got ourselves an iPad with a generous Christmas gift from our church family. So I can use my phone as a hotspot.

What's been going on with us....

Annika just turned 7 and we have about 6 weeks left before she is finished with the first grade. We are all ready to be done! We are ready for spring to come (it's currently about wind chill of 10 degrees) and we still have a good 1.5-2ft of snow. She can't wait to play her 3rd year of soccer. She does a wonderful job!

Donovan is 4.5. He's not in school yet, but is reading some easy words and can count to 120. He LOVES music. It's not uncommon to see him directing at anytime. He has recently over the last couple of weeks started plucking music out at the piano. He just got glasses in August and he's very excited that he can "see". At least he now sees that trees have individual leaves. :)

Kendra (sweet sassy Kendra) has entered our life and has been quite the whirl wind. She is fun and very sassy. She has her own way of doing things and isn't afraid to tell you! If you were to meet her
the first thing she would probably say to you is, "what's your name?" Then "where's your dad?" She definitely makes life interesting!

And last we have Paxton. He was born last July. He's 8 months old and constantly on the go. He's been pulling himself up for a couple of weeks and has slowly starters to cruise along furniture. He's by far my youngest puller-upper and cruiser.

I still love sewing as much as ever and have started making a lot of things for my kids. My time is limited as I am homeschooling Annika and with a preschooler and two toddlers running around the house. :) Staying up on my house chores, laundry, and schooling take a bit of time, but I still try to make time to craft. :) It's hard to believe I started out by making mainly cloth diapers. :) I'll share some of the stuff I've sewn over the years in another post. :)

I'm hoping to make time to get caught up on my blog again!

Here's a picture of our four monsters at Christmas.

 photo photo_zps0ca95eec.jpg

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