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July 14, 2011

Easter Outfits...

After writing one of my last post I realized I didn't share any pictures of the kid's Easter outfits this year. I didn't due to much as we've been busy with building a house and all..... ;)

But here's a picture of their outfits. I found this fabric at a thrift store 2 yards for $1.50!! Can't get much better than that!

Van's tie is from the pattern I listed in the last post. You can find it here.
Annika's skirt is made from a tutorial I found on Dana's site over at Made called the Simple Skirt.

Kind of a funny story. When I first made the skirt it was just the blue with white polka-dot fabric. Annika looked at me and said, "Mom that's kind of ugly." (sigh). So we added the pink ribbon and and flower. She liked it a lot better!

Close up of flower and ribbon border.

I plan to make an Itty Bitty Dress as shown in the previous post in this same fabric so they will match also. :) I have to say I never thought I'd be one of those mom's that matched their kids clothes...but the fabric is cute and how can I resist?!?

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