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July 7, 2011

Book Review: The Lady of Bolton Hill - By Elizabeth Camden

Clara a girl from the upper class neighborhood and Daniel a boy from the lower class neighborhood what do these two have in common? They both love music and they are best friends! They spend a lot of time together playing music. Over the years they slowly grow an attachment to each other (both unwilling to share with the other neither feeling worthy of the love they have for each other).

One day Clara leaves to travel with an aunt. Daniel continues on with his life after the death of both his parents (raising his two sisters). He becomes a powerful business man thanks to an invention he’s made for the railroad. But grudges holds Daniel back and causes some problems. One of which is Clara. She comes back and meets Daniel, but is sadden by the hard heart of the the sweet boy she once knew. Clara makes a few mistakes of her own. She has become a journalist and has been defending under privileged workers (similar to those that work for Daniel).

Will their different views keep them apart or will they see through them to find the tender love they once had?

The reason I choose to review this book was the cover picture. It was beautifully done and I have read a few other books with the same cover and I enjoyed them (kind of a shallow reason huh?).

I did find this book to be interesting, the plot and series of events had me having a hard time putting it down. The characters were well developed and distinct in the story. I would definitely read another book from Elizabeth Camden. I thought she did a marvelous job with this book!

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of Bethany House Publishing Company for the purpose of reviewing.

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