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February 12, 2011

Book Review - Fruit of the Spirit: Love

Fruit of the Spirit: Love
By Calvin Miller

This day in age so many people use the world love so flippantly. Many people don't know the true meaning of love. Many times love is veiwed in teh wrong way. One of the greatest types of love seen in this world is a self-love. How can I love myself better? I deserves this because I need to love myself more? How can I be fullfilled? If only someone loved me like that.

These are all wrong views of love. Calvin Miller in his Bible Study book Fruit of the Spirit: Love shows how love is portrayed according to the Gospel.

I've not read anything from Calvin Miller before, but I found this book to be pretty basic when teaching about love. I guess it is not something I would hand over to someone who has been saved for many years and is desireing true "meat" of the Word of God, but for someone who is newly saved and looking for the "milk" of the Gospel, this would be a good beginning.

One thing I wish this book had was more scripture reference. I'm not sure that I would consider it a true Bible Study since there is one basic Scripture reading at the beginning and than an explanation of what you read. There are some though provoking questions at the end of each chapter. But when I think of a Bible Study I expect to get more into the Bible than just the reading the Scripture at the beginning.

The questions for personal reflection at the end of each chapter are okay to ask your self, but many tend to say what can "I" do to change this, how do "I" feel loved, things like that. I would of liked to dig deeper into the Bible and learn more that way and than maybe ask myself some of those question.

I would sit down and go through the book with a new Believer. The book had some good points on love (basic enough for new Believers to grasp and chew on), but I would probably skip the reflection questions.

I received a free copy of the book from Thomas Nelson Publishing Company through BookSneeze for the purpose of reviewing.

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