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October 16, 2010

Photography: The Kiddos...Fall Photos

In February P.D. got me a new camera, a Nikon D5000. I.LOVE.IT!! I have slowly been learning my way around it. I was able to get some nice fall photos of the kids a couple of weeks ago!

 This one cracks me up...he's checking' out his socks!

On a side note: I'm out of books to review until my new batch comes in so maybe we'll get some sewing stuff in. We've been on "vacation" this week, we decided to stay home and shingle and side a house! ;) Unfortunately we did not get the siding on (due to some set backs) but the house is shingled and we are thankful for that (and for the in-laws that took vacation time to come and help us)!! We were also thankful for the wonderful weather we had. Next we are moving on to the siding! Not sure when that will get done, but we are going to go away for the weekend.

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