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October 15, 2010

Book Review: Adventures in BoogaBooga Land (Volume 1)

Not really a book Review, but a DVD Review

Based on the Parables of Jesus, join Marty the monkey and Gerard the giraffe as they bungle their way thru the paradise of Booga Booga Land inadvertently learning lessons that Jesus taught many years ago.
So This is Booga: Marty and Gerard meet for the first time in the city of Booga Booga, becoming instant best friends. Early one morning they decide to become window washers for a day to earn 20 bamolies. But when they see the boss also give 20 bamolies the other works who arrived late in the day, Martya and Gerard want to know why. (Based on the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard from Matthew 20:1-16)
Marty’s Sandcastle Marty and Gerard decide to go to carpentry school, taught by the German instructor Mr. Guudsaw. After graduating, they each decide to build their own home. But one night a great storm destroys Marty’s flimsy house. (Based on the Parable of the Wise and the Foolish Builders from Luke 06:47-49)
No Light In This Lighthouse: Marty gets a bright idea to build a lighthouse, but ends up rushing the job when he sees that there are ships being lost while he works! (Based on the Parable of the Lamp Under the Bowl from Matthew 5:14-16)
(Taken from website)

My Review: While I found this entertaining and cute.  While the cartoons did correspond with the verses mentioned above, I didn’t find much Biblical truth in it. There was no discussion about Bible truths in the movie. We did sit down and talk to my two children (mainly 3 year old since she understands more) and shared the similarities of the movie and the Parable. My 3 year old and 1 year old really liked the movies (the characters were fun, bright, and kept your attention). I did however think that they shared good moral principles and I would let my kids watch them again.

I received a free copy of this movie from Tommy Nelson (a division of Thomas Nelson Publishing Company) via Book Sneeze for the purpose of reviewing.

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