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August 21, 2010

A Whole New Journey...

I've not done a lot of sewing with knit fabric. The other day P.D. took the teens from our youth group to ValleyFair so I thought well he's going to be gone all day, maybe I could find someone to watch the kiddos. So I called up the neighbor lady and she was happy to watch them (and my kiddos were VERY happy to go play)! So off I went that morning to do one of my most favorite things....thrift store shop. I had some specific things in mind. I wanted to make Miss A. a hoodie like the one I made Van in the previous post.  But my problem was I didn't have any knit fabric to match the fleece that I had for her. So my intentions were to go to the thrift store and find some old tshirts that would match and use that for knit. The couple that I go to don't usually have great selections when it comes to fabric. Well I was in luck this time I hit the jackpot (okay I don't really gamble)! ;) But I got the 5 rolls of knit you see here over 6 yards for $5.75!!! What a great deal. I needed to pick some more stuff up at Walmart so I thought I'd cruise through their fabric department (this is one of the stores near us keeping their fabric department, which is really nice b/c the closes I live to a JoAnn Fabric store is about 50 miles away). But Walmart had this CUTE apple print (waffle knit) on their clearance table for $1.50 (so I purchased 5 yards, can't go wrong with that price). So now I embark on the journey of sewing with knits!

I also have my eyes set on this pattern and tutorial! What a great way to welcome the cooler weather than a cute dress like this with the cute apple print!

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