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August 3, 2010

Book Review: Whisper on the Wind - Maureen Lang

I had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing an advanced reader's copy of this book that isn't set to publish until September.  This book takes you back to Belgium in 1916 during the German coruption of World War I.

During this time in history  Germany has conquered Belgium, but Belgium has not accepted defeat. An underground paper surfaces to keep the hope of the Belgium people alive. This paper is called the La Libre Belgique (a real paper during this time in history).

Young Isa Lassone leaves the comforts of her rich family to go back to a war torn Belgium (of which her family fled when rumors of war were happening) to save the family that was more closer a family to her than her own parents and brother. During this time she learns that Edward (the man she has loved for a long time) has helped publish this paper and refuses to return with her. Isa decides that she will than stay with Edward and his loving mother and young brother. Throughout her time there she learns of Edwards involvement in the this underground paper she offers to help. Edward at first tells her not to get involved but later he takes her offer of help. But than the Germans close in on the paper and Edward learns that he has put more than just his own life in danger.

I also enjoy the fact that shares the insightful thoughts of all the characters about God and the people involved in the war. One such quote, "Yet wasn't God still in the individual? Not in the army as a while, but in each and every man who welcomed Him? Belgian, English, French, and German, too?" (p. 113) I suppose one does ponder these things when they are in country torn by war. I also enjoyed that in the end during her time in prison Isa still continued to praise the Lord for where He had put her, much like Paul when he was in prison.

This is the first book I've read by Maureen Lang. She is a great writer and it shows through this book. did a wonderful job with this book. I love some of the history that she shares in it. Although not all of the information is true in the book (which she states at the end of her book)  it is still nice to read and think of what it must of been like to live in Belgium during World War I. Two of the main characters are introduced at the beginning of the book and capture your interest right away and continue to engage you throughout the rest of the book. As you continue to read you meet other characters like Genny and Max (also great characters that help the story).  I had a hard time putting this book down, I think I read it in just 2 days!

I would definetly recommend this book to others!

I got this book courtesy of the Tyndale Publishing Company for the purpose of reviewing it. So make sure you watch come September for Whispers on the Wind, by Maureen Lang!

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