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August 6, 2010

And I thought we were busy now....

Life is about to get more busy for us! No I'm not pregnant!!! We are in the beginning process of building a house! For the past 5 years we have lived in the church parsonage (which was a blessing) but I'm ready to have my own home! We had plans drawn up a bit ago and we are soo VERY excited to embark on this next new adventure in our life. Right now we currently live across the parking lot from the church when we build our house we will only be about a block away! What a blessing it is have a church family behind us!

What will happen to the parsonage we now live in you ask?!?! Well it will be converted into a church annex which will house a pastor's study (which is VERY much needed as P.D. has been studying in the church office/Pastor's study) and we will have space for Sunday School classrooms (also very much needed) and downstairs we will have a place where the teens can meet on Wednesday Evenings besides in my living room (not that I didn't enjoy it, but this will be so much easier)!!

Want to see my house plans?!? I'm not sure how big they will be or if you can even make anything out on them, but here they are!

We went with smaller bedrooms and bathrooms and went for larger kitchen, living, and dinning area since we LOVE to entertain and have people over! We will eventually finish off the basement as the funds come in, but for now it will be unfinished but think of the HUGE sewing room I will have (as there will be no walls down there to begin with!! ;)

Be prepared to go on a photo tour of our "Building a House Project" throughout the next 6-9 months. I plan on sharing what's going on and what has been accomplished during this time!

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Laura said...

Wow! How exciting.


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