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April 23, 2010

Looking for a New Car?!?!

I just wanted to share this group of pictures I took of my son and put into a story after I looked at all the pictures. I was actually just trying to get a cute picture of him in his shirt and tie for church, but I got a lot more than just one! :) Van at 9.5 months old! :)

 So...Are ya lookin' for a new car?!?

 You are?!?!? I got just the beauty for you!

Look right over here.

 She shines like a sparkling diamond...

 What do you mean that's not what you want?!?

 It's got newer tires, new battery...

 It's got EVERYTHING you could possibly want!

 What can I do for YOU...to get you to buy this car?!?

 Price....price you say?!?! 
 For you, I'll knock $500 off!

How can you refuse a deal like that?!?!

 Boy...oh boy...you're a tough sell!

 This is my last offer...take it or leave it....$700 off!

 You'll take it?!?!? Now we're talking!

 Baby, let me walk you to your new car!!!


Ruth said...

Too funny! Great story sequence, and what an adorable little guy!!!

Casey said...

Thanks! I think he's pretty adorable, but I'm just a tiny bit bias! ;)

Home's Jewels said...

Just found you from mysewingcircle.com. This post is hilarious! What cute children!


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