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May 22, 2010

Another Tutorial Coming Soon...

We are headed out for vacation tomorrow evening after the Sunday evening service. We'll be gone until June 2nd. Unfortunately I didn't get my shirt tutorial finished up, so you'll have to wait until I come home. Sorry. Today will be a full day of laundry (lots), and packing the car up (yes we are driving). :) We're going to drive about 4.5 miles on Sunday evening and the rest of the way (which I'm told is about 10 hours) on Monday. I'm trying to pack enough things to make the car ride enjoyable for the kids.

Okay I'll leave you with a few pictures of a skirt I made for Miss Annika a year ago, I saw a picture of this and fell in love with it, however at this time I was kind of afraid to try something new (especially without a pattern). I got the fabric from Walmart for a $1. I figured if it didn't turn out I'm only out a little bit. Well it turned out and I absolutely love it. But remember I said that I didn't know exactly what I was doing (as I had no pattern), well it ended up being too big. It's sitting in her closet just waiting to be worn, it is one of my all time favorite things I have ever sewn! I'm going to try and make a new one when I get back and maybe I'll even get a tutorial thrown up!

Hope you all have a great week! I know I will as I'm visiting family in Colorado and enjoying the mountains!

It's kind of hard to see but it has pleats in the front.




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