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March 21, 2010

Hats...Hats...and More Hats!!

I LOVE hats!!! Both of my kids wear hats on an almost regular basis. Annika loves to wear any hat around the house (whether it be a spider man baseball cap or stocking cap). Van is learning to like hats (we're working on him keeping them on). :) But I have always liked hats. I started collecting them when I was little (and have had around 40+ baseball caps at one point).

While I love hats my kids don't have a choice they have had hats from a young age. Annika who is 3 has had probably over 60+ hats in her young life and Van is on his way. The sad thing about hats is that kids out grow them. I love the hats that Annika and Van have had as babies.

Here's a few of them...




I got to thinking one day what can I do with the hats I really like? You know the ones that are just too cute to shove into boxes....well here's what I (and a friend) came up with!


I got the shelf for $0.25 at a garage sale and the whine glasses were left over from our wedding (free from a friend). The "A" hanging down was on a diaper cake from when she was born.


Ruth said...

Love the hats--and the display, too! :)

Davis Family said...

I want the 2nd one from the left of course any others you'd be willing to offer up! LOL or just a good pic so I can have one made! :)


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