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March 23, 2010

Another Hat Post & My First Tutorial (kind of)

I realized after I posted my last post about hats that I wanted to share more about a hat that I made for Annika. It's the hat in the first picture.

A few years ago my grandma got my niece and young cousin a Knifty Knitter set for Christmas.
She let me mess with them before she wrapped them as Christmas gifts (she wanted us both to know how to use them in case the little girls needed help). I LOVED it!!! I love to craft but one thing I never was real big into was knitting or crocheting. I just couldn't get it and it never interested me (still doesn't all that much). :) But I LOVED this thing (probably because I love hats)!

I started this hat last fall. I had the yarn sitting in my craft room downstairs (it was suppose to be made into a shawl for Annika...but I had one minor problem I never learned how to make them). :) I than decided to use it for a hat. Well the cold came (and almost went) and I never finished the hat, I thought it was U.G.L.Y!

Until one day I decided to finish it so that I could use the loom for another project I had in mind (I'll share more about that project when I finish it). Back to the hat. I had Miss Annika try it on and I instantly fell in L.O.V.E! I can't get over how cute it is!!

To Make this I used: (Is this considered as a tutorial...if so it's my first)!!
The KK (Knifty Knitter) Red loom
KK Hook Tool
KK plastic needle
E-wrap with the chunky braid stitch ** (directions listed below)
I used one skein of yarn (Red Heart) from Walmart (and because I got it a couple of years ago, I have NO idea what the name of it is, but it has brown, green, pink and white in it).

I did not add a brim (so it just rolls up).

**Chunky Braid Stitch
Wrap pegs four times around then knit three wrapped sts over one. (Leaves one st on the peg each time.) Next round, wrap with 3 wraps again so you have 4 sts on the pegs. Knit 3 wraps over the one again.

I guess I did mine a bit different (I left 2 on the pegs each time)

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