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December 6, 2008

Christmas Tea

I know I've been a bad blogger lately, but life is really busy this time of season as I'm sure it is for you also.

Our church just had it's 7th Annual Ladies Christmas Tea today in which I was responsible for a few things. So finally after, 8 sets of plates, cups, silverware, a center piece, and favors which included 3 ink cartridges and over 2000 index cards (Christmas Recipe Cards) I was able to finish everything the day before. :)

The way this works is that there are 22 tables and 22 ladies are asked to decorate a table with their own dishes...to say this was beautiful is a gross understatement!! There is also a group of ladies in charge of decorating the church for Christmas time (in which I also helped)...while it was a lot of work it sure paid off in the end!!

I was asked to decorate a table which has excited me for quite some time. However, I didn't have any fancy dishes so this year for my birthday (which was in Nov) and last years Valentines gift my wonderful husband bought me the most beautiful set of dishes from Target!! So I was able to use these for my table. I love the way my table turned out. I was a little nervous on how it would turn out because my table was right in front and the speakers table. But it turned out great (at least I think so) elegant without being overly fancy (I'm a simple kind of gal). :)

The attendance was great this year we had over 180 ladies in attendance (the largest attendance yet). The speaker was great (a pastor's wife from North Dakota)!!! What a blessing it was to fellowship with all of those ladies! Annika was able to attend with me again this year and it is such fun to have a little girl to share this with (and to think she was suppose to be a boy)! :)

I leave with a picture of the table that I decorated. If you would like to see pictures of other tables you may head over to my Family Blog and check out the slide show of all the tables that were decorated!


Sarah said...

So pretty! We did that at our church in Watertown a few years ago....I loved decorating my table. :-)

Sorry I never sent you the interview questions. As you, I have been crazy busy lately. I will try to send them soon, and then start that feature on my blog in January!

Betsy said...

Love your table! Just perfect for the Christmas season!


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