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June 7, 2008

Sewing Saturday

Well I finally finished some more cloth diapers!

These are the two I mentioned in last weeks thread that I did not have pictures of (the two diapers don't look good together colorwise, it's a good thing A only wears them one at a time). I got both fabrics for really cheap (the blue free and the yellow from a garage sale that was pack a back of cloth for $1).

I also made some more cloth diapers this week. I have 2 finished and 1 almost finished (red stripes) I need to finish sewing the velcro on (I ran out of thread). This was also fairly cheap fabric (yellow 1 yrd for $2 at Walmart and the red stripes was an old shirt of mine). I have finally worked with the pattern enough that I found a fit I really like. I really like the skinnier tabs as opposed to the large ones in the above diapers). I also like using only one layer of t-shirt in the center and a microfiber towel as opposed to using 2 layers of t-shirt and microfiber towel (it seems to dry on laundry day faster). :)

I just purchased some more flannel from walmart for $1 a yard (that is a steal as it is usually $2.97). I was looking at all the flannel material and it was mixed in with the rest. It is white w/ blue pin stripes. However I just got on a website last night and found some cloth diapers brand new for really cheap ($8) which is pretty cheap for an AIO (no cover needed). I purchased three of them so it looks like I may have enough cloth diapers for now, so I am going to put my cloth diaper sewing aside and work on some other things. I will save the flannel for next time around.

And last but not least...I finished the car organizer. It turned out pretty good. I had to vamp the pattern a bit b/c I found out our headrests in our car don't come out so I will use elastic and just put it on the seat that way. This went together really quick and was super easy. My only problem was that when I sewed the top pocket on I didn't pay attention to well and it ended up being kind of crooked but it will still work and since we are leaving in 4 days I've decided to just leave it and fix it when we come back.

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Sarah said...

Wow, you've been busy! I keep wondering how you do it, but then I remember you only have one kid right now.....:-) I had the 2nd one when my first was Annika's age--what was I thinking?!
I love the family picture on your profile. So cute!!!


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