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April 26, 2008

Sew....Sew Saturday

Sorry to have not posted for a week. I was working on my bloggy giveaway and decided to take the week off blogging (like I blog on here much anyways)lol! Okay so I did get a couple of things sewn this week. One I have a picture of the other I don't.

So here's the one I have a picture of...

For those of you who know me, I am not the most girly-girl. I have always been a tomboy (more so when I was little...ask my mom. i.e. I have always loved baseball caps, I own about 45-50 of them now, most still at my mom's house. I have about 10 here. I would never wear pink, bows, flowers, or hearts). So when I found this fabric in the remnants from Ben Franklin for real cheap I couldn't pass it up. It's a bug print (lady bugs and butterflies, but it's in pinks and purples) because I have a feeling my little girl is going to be a girly-girl. *sigh* Here's a close up of the fabric.

(My little model pictures are in the camera, sorry)

My current project is a twin size quilt for when we move Annika to a big girl bed (which may be sooner than we think)...NO I'm not pregnant!!!! Actually, we've been going in her room to get her and the crib railing keeps falling down and we're not sure why, so instead of buying a new crib right now (since we are not in need of one) we are looking into possibly just purchasing her a twin size bed and putting up a railing (so she won't fall on her head). :) I have started sewing this together but do not have pictures, but here are the fabrics I am using.

It is not going to be anything way fancy b/c I cannot do anything way fancy, but I think it will look cute...at least the fabric will make it look cute. :)

***For those who signed up for my bloggy giveaway, I will have a winner choosen by this evening***

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You won the Roxio Toast for Mac!!



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