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March 16, 2008

Sew....Sew Saturday (Kind of)

Okay so I'm a bit late on the post (2 hours). I was at the neighbor's house yesterday and didn't have time to post. But I am wide awake now (it's 2:45 am) so I thought I'd write my sewing/craft post and share a few pics.

One project I worked on this week was a tutu for Annika. Not that she needs one. On Wednesday she took a 5 hour nap (that was not a typo I said 5 hour). :0) I needed to find something to do and I realized I had some white tulle downstairs (we used it in our wedding and I keep to borrow it out to others) well, needless to say every time I get it back I always get extra (sometimes a bag full). So I took some tulle and some elastic and made a tutu. It turned out pretty cute. I have no pics of it. But I will soon so I will post when I have pics.

My next project this week was to finish putting velcro on a diaper that I started a couple of weeks ago. I was on a board and saw all these babies with their cute college diapers on (where their parents attended) and realized I couldn't buy fabric at a store w/ my college team on it (Maranatha Baptist Bible College) so I decided to make one on my own. I just took an old t-shirt that a bleach stain on it and this is what I came up with...the only thing I would of changed was move the words a little lower on the bum.

The next Diaper is one that I made out of some flannel that I got at a thrift store (white background with lots of small pink polka dots). It turned out to be one of my best diapers yet. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I got adventurous enough to add a little velcro on the outside so my skinny minnie could wear it now (to overlap the tabs).

Stay tuned next week I am hoping to make some cloth grocery bags for David to use when he shops at Aldi (I know you can buy them for cheap, but I am in a sewing mood and it doesn't look to hard and the fabric was only $1/yrd). :) And yes David does the grocery shopping because it is near Central Seminary where he is working on his Master of Divinity).

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