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March 26, 2008

$200 Diaper Auction

Yes you read that correct!! I was searching on my Diaper Sewing Diva's site yesterday and came across this web page for Good Mama Diapers. I was shocked by this! I don't know what the whole hype about these diapers are. But $269 (as results from an auction)?!? I am fairly new to cloth diapering and I have heard ladies say great things about these diapers, but I personally would never pay for one (espeicially because all your kids do when in these diapers...well come on ladies think about it)! :) When I started cloth diapering these diapers were around $30 a diaper.

Here's the picture of the dipe that sold for $296 (by the keep in mind for how cute it is that it is a fitted diaper which means you have to put a cover over it and no one would be able to see the color and design).

If you are interested you can head over and enter another one of their auctions for a similar diaper (just different colors)! :)

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