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December 8, 2007

Cloth Diapers Part II

So why do I cloth diaper?

1. In the long run it can save money (although it does cost a bit much up front). I have found that I can make my own cloth diapers for fairly cheap about $5.50 a diaper. I enjoy making them, they take me about 45 minutes to make only one (not to bad for a beginner seamstress). I have learned to LOVE my sewing machine!

2. I found that Annika has had less diaper rashes in cloth diapers. I know people say that there are all kinds of chemicles in disposible diapers. I will say I still use disposibles when I'm out and about and at night).

3. They are sooo cute looking! I never knew there were so many different kinds of cloth diapers! Here is just to name a few:

aio (all-in-ones) these are diapers that you do not need a cover with (they have PUL in them, so they are waterproof). These are great for dads and others who are not that big into cloth diapering. You just velcro (or snap) them on and your ready to go! We have quite a few of these I just got off craigslist.

pocket- these are diapers that you put a cover over. These diapers have a pocket (hence the name) that you stuff yourself with however much absorbent material you need (I use microfiber rags from the auto department sewed in thirds).

fitted-these are similar to pockets but you cannot stuff them, they already have the absorbent material sewn in them (these are the kinds I make). The pictures in part I are all fitted diapers. You do need to put a cover over these diapers.

prefolds-these are the ones that look like a "burp cloth." These are the ones our grandparents used. They are they ones that you have to fold and pin. Although now they got this new little "tool" called snappies. These take the place of pins.

Along with all the diapers you got the different kind of covers. Just to name a few that I have found...

wool, PUL, and fleece covers

A new thing is wool longies. I love these things and would love to own a pair for Annika they are sooo cute! You can get them in just about any color you like!
Here is a few Websites I have found useful:
www.babycenter.com (the diapering board there)

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