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November 17, 2007

Pre-Annika Memories....

I was looking at some pictures (pre-Annika) and was I really that big?!?!? AHHHHH!!!

The 1st ones not too bad, it was taken Jan. 20th. Not looking too bad....

This was a month later....how did I get so big in such a short time?!?!?! YUCK! Feb. 22nd

I had Annika March 6th.

And today.....

Okay I'm really not going to post a pic of me for two reasons.
a) I don't want to and....
b) I don't have any recent ones

But I am proud to say, I'm back to my pre-Annika weight (and loosing more).

What I miss about those pre-Annika days....

1. Sleeping (not sleeping in...just plain sleeping).
2. Being able to run a mile!!
3. Quietness (no high pitch screaming)
4. No toy store in my living room, bathroom, my bed, spare room, cars, ect.
5. Non-Wrinkled Magazines...
But I wouldn't trade her for the world!!!!

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