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April 12, 2014

Easy Serged Bow Tie {TUTORIAL}

In need of a quick bow tie for Easter for your handsome little man?! Or maybe you need a sweet hair bow for your little girl to match her Easter Dress!

Well....Lets get started! 

Easy Serged Tie Tutorial: 

Note: This looks harder then what it really is...I just took lots of photos to make it easier for you!

I came up with this when we were getting ready to have family photos taken. We were all dressed in coordinating colors. Poor Paxton looked a little on the boring side, so I thought I'd whip him up a quick tie. When I say quick I mean quick...like 30 minutes (shorter if you already have a band you can use to go around the neck). The first day I made these he was sporting a pink tie. The orange one in the tutorial is going to be the boys' ties to match the girl's Easter Dresses.
This is a cheater tie (so no tying....sometimes good especially for the little guys who won't sit still long enough for you to tie one). :)

First, cut a square the size you would like your tie to be.

 Next up serge two ends of the square.

Fold the bottom part of one serged end up. 

Next fold the top part down to overlap the fold you just created.

Now you are going to serge down the two raw edges. At this point you can finish off your serger string how you would like. I tie mine since no one will see them.

When finished with that step turn the tie right side out and make sure you poke the corners so you can get them pushed out (I use a screwer). 

Next, you will need to find the center of your bow. I do this by folding the bow in half and make a crease just using my finger nails. 

I use my sewing machine for this next part (although you can skip this part altogether if you get your center piece tight you wouldn't have to worry about doing this). But I like to sew down the center of them to help keep my creases in the bow the same.

 This is what your finished bow part will look like so far.
  Now to make the center piece: Next you need to decide what size you want your center part of your bow. 
Cut a rectangle and serge down one side.

Now you have to turn that tube right side out. Not to hard if you use this tool...it's the sharpener to my kitchen aid knife set    

Next you want to pinch where you want the center of the bow to close (remember you need to be able to fit the bow through this whole and also a place for the band that will go around the neck to squeeze through). Serge that:

Now you will serge the center piece so you make a loop in which you can slide the bow through. Remember you need to slide the bow through and also the band that will hold the bow around the neck.

Now if you didn't get to ahead of yourself like me you would of made your tube long enough so that the rest can be the band that will fit around the neck of your child. :) I already have one made so I decided to use that one. No one will see the band because of the collar of the shirt.

A couple more modeling Shots (close-ups). :)

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