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September 23, 2010

Book Review: Love's First Bloom - Delia Parr

Ruth Livingstone’s life was about to change in a way she did not expect. Her father, Reverend Livingstone, a minister to the prostitutes, puts a small child in her arms and send her to a small village in New Jersey to live a secret life as Widow Mallory. She finds comfort tending a small Garden near the Tom River

Where she meets with Jake Spencer a carpenter. But Jake has a secret of his own, he is not the carpenter he says he is but rather a newspaper reporter who is trying to redeem himself to his brother. He is sent to find Ruth Livingstone the pastor’s daughter and unfold the story of what is going on with the secrets surrounding the death of the prostitute and Ruth’s Father. Little did he know that he would find Ruth Livingstone wonderful and fall in love with her. How can he cover a story and reveal the whereabouts of the woman he loves?

This book wasn’t for me. I find it hard to image why a man would be ministering to prostitutes and entering the Brothels to do so. I’m not so sure I see this as a good plot to a story. I would rather see a woman witnessing to prostitutes than a man. Other than that the book was a bit predictable and at some spots seem to drag a bit. This was my first book by Delia Parr and I’d be willing to try a few more. She did a good job introducing her characters and surroundings.

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of Bethany House Publishing for the purpose of reviewing.

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