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April 12, 2010

A little life, a little shoes, and a little fabric

My poor Van has been having trouble gaining weight. Since he was 4 months old he has only grown a little over 2.5 lbs and only about 1/2 an inch, at his 9 months appointment (yes I said since 4 months).

Needless to say he's just a little guy. He is still in 3 month clothes (some 3-6 months). We went for his well baby checkup 2 weeks ago and they wanted to see us again today. To help him gain weight we have decided to start supplementing w/ formula, which must be working some because he gained .6 lbs since than (but still not good enough for the doctor, we go back in a month). 

And because he's soo stinking cute!

But today on our way back from the hospital we stopped at the thrift store...did I mention I LOVE thrift stores?!?!? But we live in the middle of nowhere (really we do)! So at the thrift store I found these REALLY cute shoes! I couldn't pass them up they were brand new for only $2!! I have NEVER owned a red pair of shoes (you see I'm a tennis shoe kind of girl) so I shopped out of my comfort zone.

Oh and I found this super cute skirt (a bit big for me and not the most flattering style, but you can bet that I will be fixing it up)!!!

Of course I don't have anything that really matches the shoes (well I do have red shirts, but most are BRIGHT red). PD had the day off work (he usually takes Monday's off since he "works" all weekend, so we headed down to the cities (which is about an hour away). I got to go to JoAnn fabrics (yay!). So I picked up some fabric to match my new red shoes to make myself a skirt (and a few other fabrics). They also had patterns for 99 cents so I picked up a few of those also!

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Sarah said...

I love your deals! They are so cute.....now that we live in a big city, the thrift store shopping is so much better! I rarely buy stuff brand new now.
Oh, and I just got a used sewing machine. I am so excited! And I might ask for your advice once in awhile. ;-)


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